Cisco Meraki MX and Graylog3 Part 4

This parser/content pack are used to log Meraki MX security-events.

First download content pack from my github

File called “Cisco_Meraki_MX_Appliance_Security.json” is for MX appliance security events. It brings couple new search fields in Graylog3.

New fields are:

  • DISPOSITION = Disposition (eg. malicious)
  • ACTION = Action (eg. block)
  • SHA256 = SHA256 about file (eg. 2546dcffc5ad854d4d…)
  • NAME = Malware name (eg.
  • SRCIP = Source IP-address (eg.
  • SRCPORT = Source port (eg. 23434)
  • DSTIP = Destination IP-address (eg.
  • DSTPORT = Destination port (eg. 443)

Upload file to Graylog3 using instruction from my blog

Action report example.

Malware name example.

Now open Meraki dashboard and choose correct network.

Choose Network-wide > Configure > General.

Find part called reporting.

Cisco Meraki Syslog-server configuration.

Add your Graylog-server IP-address, port 5556 and choose Appliance event log role. Click save after this. Now your should see traffic in your graylog input.

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  1. Hey thanks so much for your work creating the Meraki Content Packs for Graylog. I have just installed them into our Graylog 3.1 environment after adding a Meraki MX firewall.

    They seem to work well, except the Meraki Security Events extractor. Perhaps Meraki format has changed. I updated the extractor in our config to look like this, and it started parsing fields.

    src=%{IPV4incPORT:SRCIP} dst=%{IPV4incPORT:DSTIP} mac=%{MAC:MAC} protocol=%{DATA:PROTOCOL} sport=%{POSINT:SRCPORT} dport=%{POSINT:DSTPORT} pattern: %{GREEDYDATA:ACTION}

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